Being a navigation officer, sailing all around the world, I experienced the effects of climate change perhaps to a higher extent than most of people living their lives without seeing the bigger picture around them.

Powerful sandstorms, disappearing glaciers, intensified hurricanes and frequent floods – to mention just a few of the destructive symptoms that our beautiful planet is experiencing more and more, negative impact of which threatens humans in all corners of the world.

Despite undermining efforts from certain circles to diminish the effects of civilisation on climate change, virtually every serious scientist on the planet agrees that it is us, humans, who cause the most significant warming of Earth since pre-historic times.

That is why we finally see serious initiatives from the governments targeting climate change, cutting emissions of green house gases, enforcing stricter environmental regulations on industry and, ultimately, giving us a chance to avoid the worst of possible scenarios, when average temperatures would rise above 2C. This would cause such a massive scale of destruction and suffering that no human would be left unaffected.

However, we at GainSustainably truly believe that it is not just about someone big and important making an effort – it is about all of us, doing something little everyday, making a conscious choice to improve lives for ourselves, our children and their children in many years to come. GainSustainably is a group of like-minded people, family, experts in own fields, who ourselves employ sustainable thinking in our lives, sometimes even not noticing any difference apart from lower energy bills. We want to help others do the same.  How surprising it is that a lot of people have no idea that the battle with climate change does not have to be a struggle!

On the contrary, for the vast majority of us technological advancements make required changes not only useful for environment, but economically feasible, allowing to Gain Sustainably by Making It Green.

Energy saving practices, eco goods and appliances, green community projects make lifestyle changes easy, save money, and reduce our own environmental footprint. For all these reasons, once stepping on this path, you would never turn back as your quality of life improves the more aware you become of the changes.

Future web resource of will shed some light onto the sustainable thinking  from an everyday perspective. Whether you want to make your house more energy efficient, or maybe get an electric car, or simply want to know more about climate change, sustainability and related technology in a clear inclusive way, you are welcome to join this online community of the future. MakingItGreen together.


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