Eden Project

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

R.Buckminster Fuller

A longstanding dream to visit Eden Project finally came true. Iconic biomes, hidden in a valley so outstandingly beautiful that you almost expect dinosaurs appear from beyond the trees, Eden Project is an example of what human mind can achieve when it is not fixated on creation of weapons and wealth, but on achieving sustainable cohabitation of humans and wider nature.


Largest rainforest in captivity, the tropical biome stuns with its sheer scale and the full immersion into a different climate with maintained temperatures, humidity and even some fauna, introduced to keep insects in check. The brilliant educative idea of recreating a piece of such a vital climate-maintaining tool on Earth cannot be underestimated.

In today’s consumption-driven world people rarely think about how important rain forests are, not only for their inhabitants, but for all of us.DSC_0070

Climate change of our age is a man-made phenomenon with the levels of CO2 rising in the atmosphere and heating it up. Tropical forests cool the planet by consuming carbon dioxide, producing oxygen and weather. Knowing that every 10 seconds an area of the rainforest the size of the Eden biome is cut down is worrying and this threat must be highlighted to everyone, especially younger generations. However, jungles can regrow and all of us could help communities across the tropical belt of the planet by participating in many conservational projects or leading more sustainable lifestyles, making less impact on environment.


Mediterranean biome is smaller, but in no way less impressive, especially after one emerges from moist richness of the rainforest. The main message of this part of the Project is Balance. Presented through a shape of Dionysus – a Greek god, the idea is explored via relationship of humans with the gifts of nature. Dionysus was known as a god of vegetation, festivities, fertility and wine. However, things went sour when he himself started drinking wine and his lands have changed from the meadows of growth and splendour to dark fields of illusion and intoxication. This example shows how easy it is to go too far and be lost, but also sends a message that a balance can be regained if one wants to survive in the longer run.

The word “project” is not a mere soundbite – Eden Project is a constantly evolving programme, a living laboratory, morphing with the changing world, responding to new challenges and exploring new ideas. Being there, seeing faces of those brilliant dedicated people, who built and maintain the enterprise fills one with hope. Hope, that despite so many serious challenges that we face in XXI century, we still have a chance to turn the doom’s clock backward, regain the balance and build a viable, fair, more sustainable society.

The world of today requires the best from all of us: our knowledge, experience, creativity, humanity and ability to find harmony with each other. Humans don’t just sit and give up. We come together and fight, building tomorrow together with hope.


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