Peak Oil and transport development

Oil depletion is widely recognised as inevitable outcome of ever increasing demand from both developed and developing economies driven by population growth and global trade expansion. This topic is intrinsically linked to sustainability of human civilisation as burning of fossil fuels is one of the major reasons for global climate change.

World community in general understands the menacing nature of resources depletion and environmental disasters, but because of plethora of divisive factors, which include political and financial influence, level of poverty and education, social and religious differences, etc., it does not act decisively enough to define effective united strategy to tackle those threats. Nonetheless, international scientific bodies and number of industries keep searching for solutions to this multifaceted challenge and some progress is evident, for instance, innovations in alternative energy sources for transport.

This work will give an outlook on Peak Oil theory and outcomes of future oil shortage for transport modes as well as perspectives this new reality will bring.

Peak Oil and transport development





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