Behind the Project

Climate change and global warming are one of the most important issues of our times. Surprisingly still, to very many these concepts remain vague and unimportant, while some don’t even believe the threats exist.

Irrespective of whether you accept climate change (fact) or deny it (“alternative fact”), swift development of energy efficient solutions across the world resulted in an unrestricted expansion of related consumer goods: from LED lighting to electric vehicles, from smart meters to roof solar panels, from pocket power tanks to household power banks. Suddenly, saving money and protecting environment stopped being on opposite poles. On the contrary, in many cases they became firmly linked and this simple fact is the source of optimism for all of us.

At the same time, rapid pace of these changes resulted in a certain gap between those who understand the technology with its benefits and those who would want to improve their lives, but don’t know where to start. What doesn’t help is overabundance of information, often confusing and contradicting, information that is very much commercialised in a way that denies general public true understanding of the issue.

As a consequence many people feel completely cut off from the innovation process, which fuels mistrust in the new tech, increases fears of change and, ultimately, leads to low level of adoption. This concerns households and businesses alike, as we all co-exist in the same information field. Taking on this challenge was the trigger to launch GainSustainably.

Having witnessed all these aspects first-hand, using relevant knowledge and experience, our team wants to help a wider community by highlighting financial, social and environmental benefits of green technology.  MakingItGreen initiative offers step by step guide into saving energy, money and environment. It has been created with the people in mind, those who want to make a change for better, save and gain, GainSustainably.