Meet the Team

 Alexander L. PhD – Scientific Advisorpapa

Working in energy and maritime industry for more than 30 years, Alexander offers unrivalled insight into technical details of energy balance, electric grid and sustainable technology.

Having researched energy efficiency initiatives for industrial consumers, Alexander recognised that with correct downscaling many of those could be applied to households. After extensive testing in his own house, the idea of sharing the positive and negative experience was born. Alexander believes that most of people would definitely engage in sustainable lifestyle if they are shown tangible benefits to their lives.

2Sl0cWFQeG7_dxRNiCE2s4PNjCcBYhaBQ4jQvhZj0jwpX92IBAlexander L. Jr. MSc, RFE – Scientific Advisor

Being a leading engineer in international communication technologies enterprise, Alexander combines academic expertise with business acumen. His scientific interests lie in the area of electromagnetic fields and energy efficiency.

Alexander is especially interested in electronic algorithms of efficient energy transformation and consumption. His research project is related to uninhibited translation of radio signals through any weather conditions, which would benefit safety of many challenging operations on land, air and sea.

 Gary W. – Co-founderDSC_0010.JPG

Interested in nature and environmental sciences since childhood, Gary provides his extensive knowledge of marketing and project management to the team. Managing successful business online gave Gary deep understanding of the effects of social networks on community and individuals. With the right approach, the techniques extensively used in business can be powerful tools of change for better.

Gary believes that protection of environment is the only way to ensure stable and prosperous society, because only biodiversity can ensure long-term survival of life on Earth.

 Rodion L. – Founde20170712_213123.jpgr

Rodion is a deep sea navigator, crossing the World Ocean for 11 years and progressing up to the rank of Chief Officer. During his travels he witnessed not only different natural wonders and human cultures, but devastating changes that global warming and expansive human activities  bring. Having recently left the sea, Rodion focussed his attention on sustainability in transport and logistics. He firmly believes that timely adoption of clean energy technologies will allow our civilisation to avoid disastrous effects of climate change and improve lives of hundreds of millions currently living beyond the threshold of poverty.